Travel Academy

All our Travel Teams are professionally trained.  Travel is a full year commitment.  Each team may also participate in a winter training program or a winter indoor league.  Our goal is to work to have every team and player achieve the highest level of success they are capable of.  Roster spots are awarded to those that demonstrate a commitment to work toward goals set for that team. Tournament play, both local and away, is encouraged by age and ability.

Try-outs are scheduled in June, but you can email to arrange a tryout during the season.


Travel Expectations Guide


  • Travel teams will most likely practice 2 times a week and play one game a week.

  • Travel teams will usually do some type of training and/or competitions outside of the Fall and Spring Seasons. As teams get older their commitment levels and schedules will grow.

  • Players are expected to commit and attend all team events. Poor attendance can result in lowered playing time all the way up to dismissal from the team.

  • Players are required to contact the Team Administrator or Coach if they are unable to attend practice, games or other scheduled events. Advance notice is needed as absences negatively affect the whole team as well as game and practice plans.

  • The travel team you are on will have a schedule that is not to be treated as a “menu”.

Playing Time and Positions

  • Are decided by the lead trainer of each team.


  • Travel teams are created by ability level.

Parent and Player codes of conduct

  • Can be found on our website under club guides and forms




  • There is a one-time annual registration fee that will include, one league entry fee, one league’s player pass, and one free week of camp.

  • Teams will also have a separate team fee to include trainer fees, possible ref fees, tournament fees, indoor leagues/trainings, additional leagues, additional player’s passes, etc. Each player’s parent/guardian agrees to pay the whole team fee by registering for that team. Should you miss practices, games or winter training, quit, etc., there is no reduction or refund of fees already paid or owed.

  • Team fees will vary because of age and commitment levels that grow as they get older.

  • Each team will have a team meeting after tryouts to outline exact team fees.

Travel U7-U19

  • Travel Full Year Registration - $385 (Includes 1 Free Week of Summer Camp)

  • Travel Sibling Discounts: 2nd Child: $50, 3 or More: $100 for the 3rd and again for the 4th and so on

  • Travel Team budgets will vary:
    Sample travel expenses include: Trainer fees, Tournament fees, Indoor fees, Referees fees and etc.

  • Travel is a full year commitment 

Travel Handbook

  • Our travel handbook can be found on our website under club guides and forms.

  • The handbook will give a more detailed description all of the above items and more.



Travel Teams