A place to flourish.


A little over 5 years ago, the Harborfields High School Principal at the time really wanted to have a successful high school program. At the time, Warren Knecht (the President of the Harborfield Soccer Club) was training the Principal's daughter on one of his teams, the HBC Kosmos Fire. The Principal noticed that many of the Harborfields kids were already playing with the Northport Youth Center Soccer League and being recruited by other outside clubs and unfortunately limited the Harborfields school program.

Over the years, the Principal watched his daughter and Warren's team flourish. They won multiple state and regional premier championships, multiple college showcase championships, and a national president’s cup championship.

In addition to the HBC Kosmos Fire, Warren trained many other teams, including the Northport Mustangs, the Northport Blue Meanies, the Northport Titans, the East Meadow Eagles, the East Meadow (NPL) Stingrays, the East Meadow Freedom, and the HBC Tornadoes. Those teams also won multiple championships and had many players earn college scholarships.

After getting to know Warren personally, his work ethic, and commitment, the Principal approached Warren and asked him to come and start a program. After giving it serious thought, Warren accepted the challenge and the Harborfields Soccer Club has been working hard to attract members of the community to join the club ever since.

Warren Knecht, the president of the Harborfields Soccer Club, has his National, Advanced National, Premier National, US Youth National, and Director of Coaching licenses. He was an Olympic Development Program (ODP) & Developmental trainer for about 10 years. As a player, he was the captain for St. Anthony’s HS in South Huntington. He was an ODP player and split his college playing career between High Point U and the U of Scranton. In addition to coaching, he is also a certified Math teacher. He has a BA and MA in Education, and a MA in School District and School Building Leadership.

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